Thursday, 8 August 2013

So today I went out with my relatives to visit my grandma and also eat at this Teochew restaurant. The restaurant was in this cool, relatively secluded area and there were only about 6 tables in it >< Anyway my uncle ordered this set meal and like all set meals it was sort of annoying having to sit there and wait 5 minutes for the next dish to appear. 

We had a cold dish, sharks fin, veggies, steamed pomfret, suckling pig, fried rice, dessert and goose that my aunt took away instead since we couldn't finish everything >< The cold dish was pretty good because of the chicken and the spring rolls but the jellyfish was kind of weird ._. The sharks fin was like good also although you can't help but feel a little guilty especially when I take geog and I read about the cruel fate of sharks who get their fins cut off but oh well it was pretty nice. The pomfret was really good and so were the mushrooms like omnomnom soooo sooooooooooft. The veggies were like ugh because there was broccoli but in the end I ate some of it along with carrots, mushies and sliced abalone. Again the mushroom was super good and soaked up a ton of gravy which made it more awesome. The suckling pig was really succulent and juicy although I didn't quite like the skin which was fried to a crisp but the meat was really tender and the seasoning that was rubbed over was pretty savoury. The fried rice was good with the gravy from the veggies and anyway I love rice so omnomnonom. Finally the dessert was this yam purée with pumpkin and while I admit it actually tasted not bad the texture and look were super unappealing that in the end I didn't touch it.

So that sums up lunch. Afterwards since it was still early my mum and I went to the shopping centre and I got my jeans :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Yesh I love them so much everything about them is awesome the feeling is just indescribable >< Yay I can wear them to my friend's concert next week WOOOOHOOOOOOO also I got a belt because I want to start wearing long pants to school and I realise with a belt it looks much better. Although it was quite funny because one I got the belt we asked the salespeople to help trim the belt and they ended up cutting off about 10 cm from the belt >< My gosh I so need to put on weight.

At the moment I'm currently on some awful losing streak in my game and I'm trying with success thanks to God not to explode and rage because it's really not worth it at the end of the day if everyone is all sour. Oh well I hope the losing streak goes away >< 

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