Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ok so like I haven't been updating this blog for 2 weeks and I'm feeling horribly guilty right now >< So today shall (HOPEFULLY) be the rebirth of my blog. Although I'm probably going to be lazy and only update it on weekends now.

Soooo many things to recount. Ok ok baking first. I FOUND A RECIPE FOR MOCHI THAT DOESN'T NEED MICROWAVE Yes I'm incredibly excited for that because I absolutely <3 mochi. Yes someday I'm going to bake that (September holidays are creeping around the corneeer) Another thing I found which I want to make is this green tea mochi cake which looks super good too ^^ Well I love anything that has that  chewy texture so that means ondeh ondeh, tang yuan, mochi and dango :DDDDDDDDD And also green tea is like super duper awesome to me

Talking about September holidays oohhhhh my gosh I totally need to study for EOYs. Right now my aim is to push my physics to 4.0 and keep my chem 4.0 there. Also I'm 79% for english so I should really work hard for that as well. My gosh like other than chinese the rest of my subjects are kind of close to 80% ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh must really work hard and pray he will give me the strength. As for chinese..... well I'll TRYYYYY my best to improve it by 1 grade but that's kinda hard so oh well. There's a chinese cuo wen test on Monday and I so need to go revise the newspaper articles teehee ><

Right now I'm just about finish my Reader's Theatre script and it's coming along pretty nicely. The journey regarding our group's Reader's Theatre is really quite funny. When we first choose our stimuli, we came up with this dream storyline which we eventually got rid off. Then for our next storyline, our teacher said it was ok but we had to think of how to represent a change of scenes. Then 1 week before our draft script was due, we came up with another completely different plot line and our teacher really liked this one so wooohoooooooo. Although I'm somewhat complaining for the sake of complaining that I have to write most of the script by myself because I'm scared that my group mates won't be able to capture the essence that I really had in mind since I more or less came up with the idea. 

SO MANY TESTS NEXT WEEK AHHHH I HAVE TO COMPLAIN >< Like I said I have to revise the newspaper articles and then PHYSICS T.T There's a test and I'm determined to score more than 80% to pull up my grade so I have to really absolutely revise the topics cos I didn't quite get them in class >< Oh well I hope I can do it. Plus there's chem oba which I've sort of gotten the concept of but I still have to remember solubility rules heeeheee. Ok end of complaining.

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